Rosacea is a chronic skin condition typically occurring in adults over the age of 30. It is characterized by redness on the face that can turn into bumps and acne. In some cases, blood vessels may be visible below the surface of the skin. Rosacea can also appear on the neck, chest, scalp or ears, though the face is most common.

When left untreated, rosacea can cause thickening of the skin resulting in enlargement of the area. This is often seen with rosacea on or around the nose. Eye irritation and dry, red eyes may also occur. In rare cases, the effects of rosacea can cause permanent damage including thickening of facial skin and vision loss.

Effectively treating rosacea requires developing a treatment plan specific to each patient and should be chosen by a physician. Dr. Green offers personalized rosacea treatments at his practice in Rockville, Maryland. Please call our office to schedule your consultation.

Rosacea Clinical Trial

We recently conducted a research study for adults with Rosacea. Please visit our Clinical Trials page to learn more about the study.